What ports should I open on a firewall in order to accommodate PPTP tunnels?

  • Open these ports please:     1. TCP/1723;     2.  IP Protocol/47 GRE.

How to Troubleshoot connection Error 619?

  • Make sure you copied the VPN password from our website without mistake;
  • Make sure TCP port 1723 is opened in firewall software;
  • Make sure PPTP VPN Pass Through is enabled in home wireless router;
  • Make sure your local ISP has GRE protocol port 47 opened;
  • Make sure you have a working Internet connection - Fire up your browser and try visiting a few different sites to make sure your Internet access is really working. If you're on a wireless network and have Internet connection or signal strength problems, you'll need to first solve wireless connection problems before you can use VPN.          

Why PPTP VPN can secure my internet connection?

  • Once users connect to Free Canada VPN service, the computer or network device is assigned with new IP address and new DNS servers. Since then all Internet traffic is encrypted with 128 bits key and is tunneled to VPN network. From VPN server side, the traiffc is decrypted and allowed to travel to its final destination. Users’ local ISP can only see the encrypted data stream between computer and VPN server. They can’t monitor, sniffer, log or control your Internet usage and you can bypass your ISP restrictions on websites bans.

How to enable VPN Passthrough and VPN Ports and Protocols in Router?

  • On your home network, check your router and personal firewall configuration settings for these options: VPN Passthrough: There may be an option, usually in the security settings, to enable PPTP (the most common type of VPN) Passthrough. Note: not all routers have this setting, and it doesn't necessarily mean VPN won't work for you if it's missing. It is reassuring to have, though, and lets you know your router is VPN-friendly. Port Forwarding & Protocols: Your firewall (within the router and separately in any installed firewall programs) may need to have specific ports forwarded and protocols opened. For PPTP, Microsoft's VPN tunneling protocol, you'll need TCP port 1723 forwarded and IP protocol 47 (GRE) enabled.

How to check if I am using your VPN connection for internet browsing?

  • There are several websites that you can use to verify what IP address you are using for your internet access: