VPN Network

Our VPN service is based on world best data centers from US, Canada and UK, including but not limited to:

  • Comcast®        4X10Gbps
  • Internap®         4X10Gbps
  • Level3®            8x10Gbps
  • NTT America     8x10Gbps
  • Qwest®            2x10Gbps
  • TeliaSonera      1x10Gbps
  • Charter             1X10Gbps
  • Cox                  1x10Gbps
  • Equinix             2x10Gbps
  • Google             1x10Gbps
  • SIX                   1X10Gbps
  • Telefónica        4x10Gbps
  • Time Warner    8x10Gbps

Also our VPN network is based on the high redundancy backbone connections with many benefits including:

  • Fault-tolerant Internet connectivity with three or more providers at minimal speeds of 1Gbit/s per provider link
  • Fault-tolerant BGP4 route advertisement
  • Fault-tolerant Cisco core routers
  • Fault-tolerant power systems with multiple building-wide UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Fault tolerance through unique fiber-optic cable entrances and paths
  • Onsite Tier 1 carrier equipment
  • Gb Ethernet speed to all distribution routers and customer connection switches

All of these world first class network facilities ensure a very high quality of VPN service for our valued users.