Server:  us.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  USA Free VPN Account


Server:  uk.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  United Kingdom Free VPN Account

3. Canada VPN

Server:  ca.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  Canada Free VPN Account

4. Netherlands VPN

Server:  nl.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  

5. Germany VPN

Server:  de.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  

6. Hong Kong VPN

Server:  hk.justfreevpn.com
L2TP Username:  justfreevpn
L2TP Password:  

Welcome to JustFreeVPN.COM service

Jan 2017 News: All Servers support PPTP/L2TP VPN, SSTP VPN & OpenVPN Now!
(Note: Click above flag icons to download OpenVPN .ovpn configuration files.)
SSTP VPN & OpenVPN use same Username/Password pairs showing above.

Just Free VPN service simply provide fastest and most reliable FREE VPN connection. you are free to choose from three data centers located in USA, Canada and UK to get the best VPN connection for your ISP or WiFi hotspot locations. Want to protect your online identity? Need secure your public wireless connection? Visit some more popular local only Video website? Just go using our Free VPN service now! ( More VPN ...

Benefits of using JustFreeVPN services for daily web surfing life

  • Enhanced Security - All internet data are kept secured and encrypted when connecting to the network through VPN. By this the information is away from hackers’ attentions.
  • Online Anonymity - Through VPN users can browse internet in complete anonymity. Comparing to those hide IP software, VPN service allows users to access both web applications and websites in complete anonymity.
  • Unblock Websites, Bypass Filters - VPNs are great for accessing blocked websites or for bypassing Internet filters. where Internet censorship is applied in campus network or from ISP side, VPN is the best way to gain access to those most popular websites.
  • Change IP address - If you need an IP address from USA, UK or Canada, JustFreeVPN.COM is the best free service you need.
  • Better performance - Bandwidth and efficiency of the network can be generally increased once a VPN solution is implemented, because JustFreeVPN.COM service uses only the world best data centers that has world best internet backbone connections to all over the world.   More Details ...

Term of Service

To use the service, you agree that: you won't hack, attack, scan or break into other computers, servers or websites; you won't distribute viruses/trojans/worms or pirated copyright materials; you won't generate fraud transaction and abuse credit card payment systems; you won't send unsolicited or fraudulent emails; you won't engage in child pornography activities; you won't encourage criminal or terrorist activities.

If you violate any of our terms that involve illegal or criminal activities, your privacy and confidentiality privileges won't be guaranteed any more, and your VPN access logs are exposed to 3rd party authorities ( for example local police departments or law enforcement agencies ) when necessary.

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